December 5, 2020

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SACK OF DSS BOSS:More heads to roll in Presidency

Thesackof AlhajiLawal Daura, who until Midday of Tuesday, August 7, 2018wasthe DirectorGeneralof Nigeria’s secret service, Departmentof State Security (DSS), will mark the beginningof whatapresidency insidertoldRipplesNigeria isa “house cleaningexercise”.

According to our source, the “housecleaning exercise’ will consumetop members of the administrationwho had beenidentifiedas the cabalholdingPresidentMuhammaduBuhari’s administrationtoransom.

It was alsogathered, thatthe exercise will likely consume somemembers of the security forcesincludingthe Police.

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Already, there are indicationsthatassociates of the Presidenthad registered their disapprovalof how the Inspector Generalof Police, Ibrahim Idris, had created image problemsforthe administrationwithhis refusaltohonour invitations by the Senate.

According to our source, Buhari may have beenprevailedupon tofire Idris.

Oursourcesaidthat indeed, the President agreedto firethe Police boss and had gone aheadtomeetwithimmediate pastIGP, Suleiman Abba, who was tohelp himsource a replacement for Idris.

It was gatheredthat Abbah alsocontacted a formerIGP whodeclinedtojoin the search.

Oursourceindicated that thoughAbbahad identifiedareplacement forIdrisand presented him tothe President, someother forcestakingadvantage of Idris’ uncouth management of the Police, prevailedon the presidenttoshift hisplans.

“Ifnot, Idriswouldhavebeen replacedsince earlyJuly”, our sourcesaid.

Oursourcealsoindicated thatthe house cleaningexercise will not sparethose who had created imageproblemsforthe governmentirrespective of theirclosenessto the President.

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