PS5 restock update: PS5 bundles have now sold out at Game

PS5 restock update: PS5 bundles have now sold out at Game

February 12, 2021 0 By Hitz

the second time today, as its PS5 stock and bundles for sale were snapped up. The first wave of stock was disrupted by the same familiar technical issues we’ve come to expect, and the second wave resulted in long queue times with mixed success for those who managed to make it to checkout. Still, we’ll be keeping our eye on the retailer to see if any more stock arrives this week.

If you’re searching where to buy PS5Game is your best bet this morning, as the retailer launched a new round of PS5 restocks with a range of bundles on both the Digital and standard consoles. The console is also available to purchase on its own for £449.99 and the PS5 Digital Edition is £359.99, but expect these to sell out fast.

The cheapest bundle we’ve seen costs £459.98, which includes the PS5 Digital Edition with a £50 PSN credit and 12 months of PS Plus.

Predictably, there is a queue in place, with wait times of over an hour (depending on when you joined).

With bundles offering extra accessories and games to boost the price and dissuade scalpers, we’re hoping that stock lasts a little longer than usual, but we highly doubt it. Bear in mind that these orders are pre-orders, with the console expected to ship on February 26. If you choose priority insured delivery, however, your order will be shipped by the 19th of February.

We’d keep a close eye on Game for the rest of the day, then, because we may see more units hitting the shelves as stock flashes in and out.