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Hitz Music Promo

Reason why you need to promote your self…Main 5 reasons you need promotion for
1. Build yourself new audiences
2. Get popular and be related to others that have been promoted
3. Get easy identification where ever you go
4. Stay close to your dream
5. It’s a plan for a great future

You promoting your business or career is a way of living your dream, making your dream to be reality, get you close to the world 🌍 even if you are in your room people will have your vibes on the street you don’t need to worry about hitz promotion for www.hitz.com.ng is here to serve you better and deliver your business and career to people that needs your services…. And If you don’t have mature graphics for your business or career hitz will make you a dope cool fast one for free

you can promote your business on hitz trends posts such as music, new e.t.c, to do this you are to tell us maybe you want your advertisement should be in text or image format

we can make your idea reach the world, submit your announcement and we will publish it for our visitors 

we will not only promote your song on hitz trends we will make the promotion on social media too..

you can make your content display as our web banner at the top of our website in image format 

this gives you opportunity to place your advert on our site post header before our visitors preview the main post your content will appear to the first 

here you can place your adverts at the bottom of our post it will show in every of our post 

music & video promotion

we promote music online with other great blogs, we host radio show for mature music promotion

dj service

after your song is promoted on hitz trend we will share your song with our great campus, radio, and occasional djs

social connect

after posting your song on hitz trends we will share your song, video, business, skits on social media


Promote a track for #3,000
Promote Ep Album for #7,000
Promote 3 tracks for #5,000
Promote 10 tracks for #12,000
Promote full album for #20,000 You don't have mature graphics?
we can make you a dope Graphics


we can promote your video, music, skit and and so on... on our posts everyday ..
1 month for #10,000
2 months for #15,000
3 months for #20,000
6 months for #25,000
1 year for #40,000

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