Okeowo nimi, tiwa Savage incoming boyfriend

Okeowo nimi, tiwa Savage incoming boyfriend






question= Whats your stage name.

answer= my stage is “Okeowo nimi”

question= who is “Okeowo nimi”

answer= Okeowo-nimi =is graduate of polytechnic of ibadan, studied music, i am a musicologist, (an artiste : rapper, singer, song writer, performing artiste composer, arranger,)music consultant, voiceover artiste, beat maker, music producer, studio/live sound engineer.

question= Full name

answer= oluwasoji Okeowo oyekola

question= Home town

answer= I am from South West Nigeria, oyo state to be precise

question= Genre of music

answer= hip-hop afro

question=What first got you into music?

answer= I will say doing music for me is like a calling, 2, is a Yoruba heritage, I believe God created Yoruba people to entertain the rest of the world, another thing is that, this is one thing out of all things that Yoruba people can do well, music is one thing we can do best,

I mean why go into something difficult when u have something that your forefathers have been doing easily for centuries.

Yoruba people are the most successful musicians that we have in the history of Nigeria and Africa music industries

question=Who inspires you to make music?

answer= no one per say but I will say my environment, things that happen around me, what I go through myself that’s what inspires me to make any type of music that I create

question= what are u working on?

answer= I just dropped my New single  title YOUR MERCY feat music icon Dr lanre teriba and you can get the song on all digital platform.

Download your mercy by Okeowo Nimi ft Lanre Teriba
question= Who would you most like to collaborate with?

answer= they are many, though I will like to collaborate with the likes of tiwa Savage, davido, kizz Daniel, olamide, zlantan ibile, vector, hip hop legend mode9, Akon, Chris brown, lil wayne, Nicki minaj, usher, 50cent, Bruno mars, Bob, Drake, and more

question= What do you like doing in your spare time?

answer= in the studio making music

question= Who is your celebrity crush?

answer= tiwa Savage I mean tiwa Savage is not only my crush but also the kind of woman I want to be mine, I believe this could happen maybe in the future,I know for a fact that I’m an uprising artist and she already made it to the top.

It might be difficult for this to happen so I believe if I hustle hard and get my game on, top all chat in Nigeria, in Africa and beyond and become the most shoutout artiste. Nominated for Mobo awards, MTV eroup headies, afrimma and even Grammy, by then I know I will stand a chance to date her, cause I know she will not settle for less, so for now I will just keep on hustling, then I may stand a chance of dating her and even marrying her

question= are u aware tiwa and wizzy are having an affair?

answer= yes

question= does this bother you, since u have love affection for tiwa?

answer= no, not at all, like I said, I dont stand a chance now, I’m still an upcoming art growing in the industry so I don’t think tiwa will go down with someone like me, I don’t think so, but once I’m on top of my game I know I will stand a chance, even if she clocks 70,75, or 80 I will still not give up my hope, I go still chop inside because my love for her cannot be explained in words so for now let wizzy have his moments with her cos I’m her upcoming boyfriend and lover.

question= Which famous musicians do you admire?

answer= davido, I mean he is the son of adeleke  renowned billionaire and hes hustling like a broke kid can u imagine that he even hustle more than some broke kids and the guy is even generous, he was listed among people that helped the society with the likes of femi otedola, Toni elumelu to mention a few.

questions= Are you single? yes because right now all I can focus on is my music career and I don’t want any distraction so I decided to remain single, if u notice, that is how it is for every successful musician or entertainer, I mean look at the likes of dbanj, 2baba, psquare, orister femi, Dr Sid, funke akindele, 9ice and so on… they did not get engaged or married till they achieved their goals or I should say till they got to the pick of their careers, they did not get married when they were about to rise, they made sure they got to the pick of their careers first before they did.

How would someone get your special attention? my DM is till available for now so if anyone needs my attention they could DM

question= What is one message you would give to your fans?

answer= I will tell them to please keep loving, listening and showing love to “Okeowo nimi music brand” cos I will not disappoint them. I will keep on giving them what they love to listen to. Trust me!

question=What would you be doing right now, if it wasn’t for your music career?

answer= seriously I don’t know, maybe working with my senior brother who has a musical company. Maybe if I didn’t have a career of my own that’s where I would’ve been, but I thank God that he led me to do music and I’m happy for the kind of music I chose to do, and like I said earlier,  …music is my heritage.

Manager contact on all social media @okeowonimi or WhatsApp +23479183037

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