‘NOT MY MARTYR’ Who is Candace Owens and what did she say about George Floyd?

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‘NOT MY MARTYR’ Who is Candace Owens and what did she say about George Floyd?

Candace Owens, 31, is a right-wing commentator described as media-savvy and straight-shooting by The Sunday Times.

Once an unknown political vlogger, she has become one of president Donald Trump‘s “most prominent cheerleaders and pals of the first family”, the Times explains.

She has endeared herself to Trump by attacking anyone who dares to criticize or mock him.

For example, when the infamous “Trump baby” balloon was flown over London for his UK visit, Owens hit out at the capital’s mayor, Sadiq Khan.

She tweeted: “Please remind @SadiqKhan that according to the birth rate, Europe will fall and become a Muslim majority continent by 2050.”

Owens founded Blexit, a campaign to persuade African-Americans and other minorities to abandon the Democrats.

She urged them to become registered Republicans instead.

Her goal for Blexit is to “challenge Black Americans to consider what Trump actually asked of (them).”

Candace Owens speaks at the Young Black Leadership Summit 2019 at the White House in WashingtonCredit: EPA

Owens said: “The black community are starting to realize that we’re being manipulated by no good politicians who knock on our door every four years and promise us free stuff.

“Then they get our votes and nothing changes.”

Owens grew up in public housing in Stamford, Connecticut.

Her father managed property manager, while her mother stayed at home.

The Times says that, at one stage, she moved in with her grandfather to escape her family’s “cr***y, infested” flat.

After cops investigated racist death threats teenage boys left on her mobile phone her parents won a lawsuit against the city, and received a $37,500 payout.

Owens had hopes of becoming a journalist, but failed to complete her degree.

Instead, she joined Vogue for a stint at the famous mag, before moving into finance.

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