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More controversy trails death of OAU postgraduate student


  • Hotel owner’s lawyers accuse victim’s family of frustrating investigations

  • Family: ‘No, we were not informed

  • Deceased’s corpse not in our morgue — OAUTHC

Counsel to detained Dr. Rahman Adedoyin, owner of Hilton Hotel and Resorts, Ile-Ife, Mr. William Abiodun, has accused the family of the late Timothy Adegoke of frustrating Police investigation of the circumstances surrounding his death.

The body of Adegoke, a Master of Business Administration (MBA) student of the Obafemi Awolowo University,Ile Ife, was found where it was dumped after allegedly dying in the hotel penultimate weekend.

Adedoyin and five of his employees in the hotel are currently being interrogated by the Police on the matter.

Abiodun, in a statement, claimed that Adegoke’s relatives refused to turn up for the autopsy scheduled for Friday even after they were duly notified and had given their consent to be present.

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But the family denied the allegation. They said they were not aware of any scheduled autopsy.

The legal practitioner said the autopsy would have helped to put an end to speculations about how Adegoke died and whether any part of his body is missing as alleged by some people.

What could have been a giant step towards unraveling the cause of Adegoke’s death was frustrated by his family, Abiodun said.

According to him, all parties in the dispute had agreed with the Police for the conduct of the autopsy on Friday only for the Adegokes to keep away at the last minute.

He said  a team of independent pathologists led by professors had arrived from Abuja and Ilorin on Thursday  in preparation for the autopsy which was scheduled to commence by 9am on Friday, 19th November 2021.

He stated that when the Police team from the Osun State Police Command and the pathologists arrived at 9am, the members of the family of the deceased were not available.

He said that Police officers handling the case called them repeatedly on the phone to know their whereabouts and their initial response was that they were stuck in traffic in Osogbo at about 12noon.