MONEY Getting ‘Payment Status Not Available’ from the IRS stimulus check tracker? Don’t be alarmed

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ATLANTA — If you are getting “Payment Status Not Available” from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) stimulus check tracker — don’t be alarmed.

According to the IRS, if you receive that message it can mean one of three things:

  • You are not eligible for the payment.
  • The payment has yet to be processed
  • There IRS doesn’t have enough information to issue the payment to you

Payments will be issued throughout 2021, the IRS said on its site.

Anyone with additional questions should visit the site’s frequently asked questions page here.

The IRS said the tool generally updates once a day and the update usually happens overnight.

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The IRS said recipients should not call the office since their phone operators have no information beyond what is available on

President Joe Biden signed the new $1.9 trillion rescue package on Thursday, providing for payments to qualifying individuals of up to $1,400, with payments to a qualifying family of four of $5,600.

Taxpayers who have provided bank information with the IRS will receive the direct-deposit payments, while others will get paper checks or debit cards mailed to them.

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