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McMighty Panda


  We've heard about Oladips of LRR, Davolee of YBNL and McMighty of NHN and was shot of words... 

  News said it that this indigenous rappers sound similar and I find it very difficult to believe that. And I've been asking some people alot of questions which I found no answer to. So I quess I should throw it to the public cos I strongly believe you guys can give the best answer and help rearrange the puzzle. 

  Not to beat around the bush, Oladips popular known as 'Omo Iya Aje' has been on the radar for quite some times now releasing singles upon singles like Bounce, Lalakukulala, Chache, and others. Also McMighty De Rap Phenomenal also known as 'Akoni' keep dishing out spanking singles like Dear Haters, So Le Je Tan, Awon Temi Badder, Basket Mouth, Wo Refix and lots more. 'Atarodo' the YBNL python Davolee is not slacking on dropping hits upon hits as well like, Festival Bar, Cirocing, Beast (freestyle) and so on. But there is something this three (3) acts have in common, and that's where we're all confused about who's rap it up. These three also jumped on Designeer Panda instrumental and dished out their own covers too. 

  Like seriously, I've listened to several covers of Panda by Designeer and I know you have to more as well, covers from CDQ, Uzi, Ycee, Erigga, Bobbinho, Slow dog, Mafia, Wale Turner, Dyksrn, Vector tha viper and so on but these are three (3) yoruba rappers that sounds almost the same, some people even mix it up most times, Oladips, Davolee and McMighty. 

 Listen to their Panda covers again and again, figure out somethings and comment your mind and what you feel about these rappers and brain test lyricists. I believe the public is in the best position to justify and come out with the best answer to these issue. 

Download below ?
Before you download please let drop comments let see who the panda King ? crow goes to
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