Kind dog removes log from path so blind man can pass

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– A dog has put to shame many humans who often choose to live in misery, jealousy and bitterness – The kind animal was caught on camera picking a log from the ground so a blind man would not end up tripping and falling – It picked the obstacle with its teeth and set it at the roadside before continuing with its journey PAY ATTENTION: Click “See First” under the “Following” tab to see News on your Facebook News Feed! A dog is and will always be man’s best friend. It loves without bounds and cares without asking for anything in return. A kindhearted dog was dubbed a hero after helping a blind man walk without tripping over an obstacle that lay in his path. A police commissioner from Pune City drove Twitter users to tears when he posted a video of the black, fluffy dog doing its act of kindness without caring who was watching. Coronavirus: Traders reveal hike in cost of food items as Easter beckons The canine beauty was walking with someone who appeared to be its owner and at first, it minded its business until it spotted a blind man coming its way. The dog picked the log then walked away. Photo: CP Pune City Source: UGC The guy was manoeuvring his way through the streets with his cane but had no idea that in front of him, was a log that would either hurt him or trip him. Luckily, his furry guardian angel spotted the obstacle before him and ran quickly towards it as it tried to get rid of it. The dark dog picked the heavy log with his teeth and slowly moved it away from the path till the road was clear and the blind man could pass. Its owner looked behind and watched in awe as the pet selflessly saved the life of a stranger he knew nothing about. What perplexed netizens was the fact that a man saw the log and the blind man but continued walking as if nothing had happened. Read more:

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