HomemusicJoguns – “Titi”

Joguns – “Titi”

Joguns is taking his fans by surprise with this one titled “Titi“, his first released inspirational song! Segun Jogunomi within the past 10 months have released 3 singles; ‘I’ve Got A lover’, ‘You Are My Song‘, ‘Everyday Is Your Love‘ and the 4th, #Titi.

Titi” is a song he wrote and which he also dedicated to his beautiful wife, Titi on her 40th birthday.

#Titi is a fusion of three Nigerian languages (Yoruba, Hausa and Okun) which Titi speaks. It’s a SlowDance song for every loving soul and every sweet occasion.

It’s becoming more real to us that Joguns is not only a practicing engineer but a writer and a performer.

Listen to his latest output ‘Titi‘ below

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