December 3, 2020

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About Jayvoice


Jayvoice’s Profile

is a music producer, musician, graphic designer, web designer and a blogger form Ibadan Oyo state, Nigeria. you can chat with jayvoice on facebook, follow on instagram, follow on twitter, send message on whatssap mail:- call +2348100526724

Music Production

Jayvoice can make you beat, record your song mix, complete and master your project also Jayvoice can make you a very fantastic online beat 


Music Promotion

Jayvoice can promote your song on Hitz Trends and other 30+  blog across the world with affordable price…

Music Featuring

jayvoice is a rapper, singer.. you can feature me on your next song or remix your song with me at very affordable price 

Graphics Design

Jayvoice can make you a dope graphics within an hour such as banner, art cover, logo, cartoon, album art and lot more

Web Design 

I can Design your blog and make you a new stander website with affordable price contact me +2348100526724



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