Tuesday, May 17, 2022
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Fox News to interview Kyle Rittenhouse amid protests over not guilty verdict


Sit down with Tucker Carlson, one of Fox’s most extreme hosts, is likely to cement Rittenhouse’s popularity among conservatives

Tucker Carlson, host of Tucker Carlson Tonight. Photograph: Richard Drew/AP

Kyle Rittenhouse, the teenager acquitted of murdering two men during anti-racism protests, is set to appear next week on Fox News’s Tucker Carlson show amid fears that the not guilty verdict in the Kenosha killings might encourage militia violence.

Rittenhouse’s shooting of three people, including two he killed, during demonstrations in the Wisconsin city split the US. For some it made him a vigilante out to make trouble while for others he was a gun-toting hero defending property from a mob.

Rittenhouse became a heroic figure for conservatives during his trial as many rightwing figures raised money for his legal defense. His coming interview by Carlson – one of Fox’s most controversial and extreme hosts – is likely to cement that popularity. The Monday night sit down is already being heavily promoted by the conservative channel.

Carlson has risen to prominence as the most influential media figure for conservatives, even amid numerous controversies.

Carlson has advocated for multiple baseless conspiracy theories on his show and been condemned for dog-whistling racism. The Fox News host is releasing a series that argues that the 6 January Capitol insurrection was orchestrated by leftist Antifa group. He has also bemoaned the Democratic party for trying to “replace the current electorate” with “voters from the third world” through immigration policies: what is known as the “great replacement theory” that has originated in the far right.