Thursday, June 30, 2022
Homemusic DJ M Funky – “Life So Far”

[EP] DJ M Funky – “Life So Far”


Dj M Funky who is also known as Moses Chimere is a Nigerian Afro European Dj and Producer based on the Island of Malta, he started his career as a Dj in 2008 and started progressively in Music-making in 2017 where he released his first-ever single titled “Work“, he came back with another banger titled “Presidential” last year Dec. and now he has released an EP titled “Life So Far“.

This new EP – Life So Far is a 9 track music project that explore all Afrobeat genres and features artistes; Recognize, Blazer Q, Vxrse, Trillz, Ugee. See Tracklisting below


Life So Far in his words expresses his life experiences growing up in Nigeria, the struggles to make it as a Musician, and his Successes leaving Nigeria in search of a better life.

Listen to the EP and get a better understanding of his Life So Far.

1 “BETTER” featuring Recognize || DOWNLOAD MP3

2. “STRUGGLE” featuring Blazer Q || DOWNLOAD MP3

3. “MAMAH” featuring Vxrse and Blazer Q || DOWNLOAD MP3

4. “CONQUER THE WORLD” featuring Blazer Q || DOWNLOAD MP3

5. “I DO” featuring Blazer Q || DOWNLOAD MP3

6. “TETE” featuring Blazer Q, Trillz, Ugee || DOWNLOAD MP3

7. “SHAYO” featuring Trillz, Ugee, || DOWNLOAD MP3

8. “MELO” featuring Snippsy, Vxrse, Vincii || DOWNLOAD MP3