December 2, 2020

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DJ Holiday Ft. Quavo & 21 Savage – 2 Seater

Here is a duet titled , “ 2 Seater ” by Quavo and 21 Savage hosted by DJ HolidayQuotable Lyrics

Don ’ t talk about swag , I ’ m dabbin ’ ( I ’ m dabbin ’)

I read up on all new assassins (pow )

I ’ m movin ’ in orderly fashion

We gotta move like Obama , Obama , Obama

My niggas playing with plastic (plastic)

My life a real scare tactic ( scary)

You n ! ggas drinkin’ molasses

What is you drinkin ’?

Why did you buy that and drink it?

When I first got my pound , I broke it down (ayy)

Dancin ’ with the work like I ’ m James Brown ( ow)


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