Desperate Lindsey Graham turns Fox News into personal telethon: ‘They hate my guts’

Desperate Lindsey Graham turns Fox News into personal telethon: ‘They hate my guts’

September 26, 2020 0 By Hitz
Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C. (Anna Moneymaker/AP)

Short on cash and credibility, Lindsey Graham is using his air time on Fox News to raise campaign money as he fights for the senate seat he’s held comfortably since 2003.

The South Carolina Republican statesman went on “Fox & Friends” Thursday morning before visiting “Hannity” later that evening to beg for dough.

“I’m being killed financially,” Graham whined to “Fox & Friends.” “This money is ’cause they hate my guts.”

The 65-year-old statesman, who heads the Senate Judiciary Committee, complained that his Democratic opponent, Jamie Harrison, could raise $100 million before the Nov. 3 election.

Graham has been under fire since announcing last week he would vote to fill the Supreme Court vacancy left open by the Sept. 18 death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, despite his vows is 2016 and 2018 that new justices would not be appointed in an election year. That reversal caused news programs and late-night comedy shows alike to play video of Graham stating he would not do what he is now doing.

“You could use my words against me and you would be completely right,” Graham stated in 2016.

He complained to “Fox & Friends” that Harrison’s campaign appears to be doing that very thing.

“He raised $6 million from the time Justice Ginsburg passed away within 72 hours,” Graham claimed.

Harrison earlier tweeted a video of Graham’s contradiction with the caption “My grandpa always said that a man is only as good as his word. Senator Graham, you have proven your word is worthless.”

If anyone is going to outspend his opponent in South Carolina, Graham appears to believe it should be him.

“The most money ever spent in the history of the state in a senate race was by me in 2014 when I spent $13 million,” Graham claimed.

The senator appeared increasingly desperate on Thursday evening’s “Hannity” where he begged for cash again as his host was trying to close the show

“I gotta’ run,” Sean Hannity said before being interrupted by his guest.

“I’m getting overwhelmed,” Graham pleaded, giving out his website address. “Help me, they’re killing me money wise, help me.”

Graham repeated his web address once more before Hannity joked that money coming from outside South Carolina shouldn’t influence the state’s election. He also blamed celebs like Rosie O’Donnell and Barbra Streisand — two popular Republican targets — for meddling in national politics.

Polls show Graham and Harrison in a dead heat. A Quinnipiac survey last week had both candidates at 48% and found “Likely voters say 48-24% percent that Harrison is honest, and they say 49-40% that Graham is not honest.”