Thursday, June 30, 2022
HomemusicDe Rando – “I Wish”

De Rando – “I Wish”


De Rando is always on Top Notch when it comes to delivering good music! and “I WISH” is very Melodious as usual, and such an Outstanding song with very Good Lyrics. He has yet again Prove to the People that he is very Original with his Sound.  Just like his recent releases “FEEL ME”, “WISDOM“, “THIS YEAR” and “POWER OF THE PEOPLE” Which talks about the Current Situation of The Country.

He Dropped a Single During the Corona Virus Pandemic titled “HEAL THE WORLD”. His kind of songs are so rare and ever Evergreen. A Legend in the Making, A Star You can always reckon with. A Musician and a “PRODUCER” to Watch Out for. Trust Me, “I WISH” is a Kind of Song everyone can always relate With because, it talks about LIFE in General!