Katy Perry got a rise out of football fans last night as she debuted her new music video during the College Football Playoff National Championship game.

Anyone watching Alabama take on Georgia on Monday, January 10 will have had their game interrupted by the sight of Perry and Swedish DJ Alesso as the video of their new song “When I’m Gone” aired for the first time at halftime on ESPN. The inclusion of Perry brought back memories of the famous halftime performance from her at the 2015 Super Bowl XLIX when she rode in on a giant lion while an enthusiastic dancing shark broke the internet.

The latest music video features futuristic themes with rocket ships, a mechanical dog, robotic dance moves and plenty of product placement.

While Perry’s fans were thrilled, football fans also voiced their opinions on the performance across Twitter.

Perry had warned fans that she’d be interrupting the college football game prior to kickoff by tweeting the announcement.

When the music video eventually aired, many fans, and even some sports journalists tweeted their confusion at the decision to air Katy Perry’s new song at halftime.

Journalist Mike Ferguson wryly pointed out “Nothing says national championship football game like a 4-minute Katy Perry video at halftime…” — though the video is actually less than three minutes long. The Athletic writer Steve Berman also chose sarcasm saying that seeing Katy Perry dance with a robot dog in a heavily sponsored music video is “totally normal college football halftime.”