Cody Blayzz – “International Local (EP)”

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Cody Blayzz exclusively premiers his much-anticipated project ‘International Local EP’ after earlier announcement and highlights released on his instagram page.

The EP is a follow-up to his previous, heavily discussed effort, ‘Love, Life and Law’, and shows the artist displaying amazing growth, establishing a brand and implementing a wider range of styles and techniques so far.

The EP’s lead single, ‘Tired’, is a cheeky interpolation of distinct music, showing off Cody Blayzz prowess as a versatile musician. International Local EP is a blend of musical genres and influences, from heavy dance, to the seductive R&B sounds inspired by his musical art.

International Local is a blend of musical genres and influences, from Intense Love sounds like ‘Tired’, to the seductive R&B sounds of ‘Deposit’, and ‘Super Love’, inspired by Various Music Legends.


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Super Love

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