Claypool could face suspension for kicking man in bar fight

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You can see Claypool become involved in the fracas around the 0:21 mark in the video and start pushing different people. Things got worse when he kicked a downed man in the face around the 0:33 mark of the video before backing away and other people involved separated him from the incident. The fight, according to TMZ, stemmed from an argument after a person threw dollar bills at a woman inside the bar before the fight started outside.

In addition to the fight, seeing Claypool not wearing a mask at a public bar during a California mask mandate because of COVID-19 also doesn’t help his image.

Although police were called to the scene, security for the bar informed them that those involved with the fight had left. No charges have been filed by any party as of Thursday morning. If they were, Claypool could be charged with battery, a simple misdemeanor per the California Penal Code.

Had Claypool not kicked the downed man in the face, he would have had a solid defense that he was simply helping defend his friends. But now, there’s a chance that if the person he kicked presses charges that he would have to face them.

TMZ reported that Claypool was not an instigator in the fight, but might not matter when NFL officials see his participation in the video. Being involved in such a fight could be seen as a violation of the personal conduct rules and result in a suspension.

After catching 62 passes for 873 yards with nine receiving touchdowns and two rushing touchdowns, Claypool had a strong foundation to start his NFL career off a good rookie season. Being involved in incidents like this will only tarnish the former Notre Dame receiver’s reputation and draw more negative questions towards the Steelers.

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