Brutal and racist murder of Anele Hoyana by white farmer – EFF

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EFF statement on the brutal and racist murder of Anele Hoyana by white farmer, Fritz Joubert
2 December 2019
The EFF is deeply saddened by the brutal racist murder of Anele Hoyana by a white farmer,
Fritz Joubert from Geluksdal Gonubie in East London over the weekend.
In a circulating video on social media, the white man can be seen calling Anele Hoyana satan, whilst referring himself as a god. He keeps telling him to kneel and Anele, who is carrying his two-year-old child, bows. In another video, the white farmer can be seen insulting and beating what appears to be the body of Hoyana with the back of a rifle.
The reports of Police and close friends indicate that Hoyana was temporarily staying at the farm with his family. The white man was working on breeding wild cats, for a tourism business. On Saturday morning an argument ensued in which Fritz overpowered Hoyana, held his family hostage, an infant and a two-year-old child.
Fritz called his neighbours to help him, but they in turn called the police. The police arrived on site, to a Fritz who tried to fight his way, disarm them of their rifle. They overpowered him in a fight that led to his death.
This is an important story that should be on all our headlines. All major papers and news cables should be leading with this terrible anti-black Farm murder committed by a white Springbok T-shirt wearing racist man. The man videoed himself; meaning he wanted the world to know his actions, his words. He wanted his victim to be identifiable; he even promises her a punishment due to him.
This is a powerful image that many in our country may find hard to accept. Many more prefer to live in denial, a false euphoria created by the very politics of the Springbok T-shirt warn by the racist, black hating perpetrator.
Many more cases of black humiliation and dehumanisation exist across the country. Many black people have to kneel, in fact they live on their knees in constant dependence on white mercy and patronage.
The image of Anele Hoyana, with his two-year-old child in her arms, kneeling on the instructions of the white farmer, videoing himself, represents all black people in our country.
From the President to the humblest of us, we live on our knees begging our existence from the racist white domination machinery. The black government is like Hoyana, carrying the entire black race on its arms, kneeling each day, begging for jobs, land, water, education, sports, bread, shelter from whites. In exchange, black people receive violence, humiliation, dehumanisation and death.

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