All the best memes about Mark Zuckerberg’s face in Hawaii

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All the best memes about Mark Zuckerberg’s face in Hawaii

Mark Zuckerberg is the target of a number of memes. People love to hate the guy for various different reasons. Earlier this week Zuckerberg was photographed by paparazzi surfing while on vacation in Hawaii.

While this picture was likely on track to spark a discussion about the privilege of rich people still being able to take vacations during a pandemic, Zuckerberg’s face ended up stealing the show and diverting conversations to something much funnier. Zuckerberg’s face was coated in a thick layer of sunscreen which made him look more like a ghost than a water sports enthusiast.

Here are some of our favorite comparisons and memes the internet came up with when they were gifted this silly picture of Zuckerberg.

Spirited Away

You know, Brent may be onto something here.

zuckerberg 02

The Joker

Oh, well we can’t unsee this one.

zuckerberg 03

Mrs. Doubtfire

This is weirdly spot-on. We’re going to have to lie down after this one.

zuckerberg 04

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