Alhaji Sulaimon Adigun needs our help

Alhaji Sulaimon Adigun needs our help
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Hello…. Alahaji Sulaimon Adigun is in need of your help and my help please let help the living legend
Below is the account number you can pay to, in order to help this living legend walk again….
Alhaji Sulaimon Adigun is a fuji musician also a legend in Nigeria music industry… Few years a go he fell sick and it lead to amputation of his left leg… Alhaji Adigun needs our help to walk again please let help him walk again! We can celebrate our legends when they are alive rather than when they are no more

If you want to visit Alahaji Sulaimon Adigun… Popularly know as caterpillar please follow this discreption below 👇

Listen to his voice

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